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Why we do what we do ?

नविन काळे

अनेक लोकं विचारतात तुम्ही 'स्वयं' का करता ? त्याच प्रश्नाचं उत्तर शोधताना जे काही गवसलं ते शब्दांत मांडायचा प्रयत्न केलाय नविन काळेने. 

Published : 28 October, 2019

Why we do what we do ?

We won't lie.
With you; with ourselves.

With no vision statement;
With no business plan;
Even without realizing
'why' are we doing it,
It all started with
one small idea.
We stumbled. We failed.

But some faceless, unnamed
'urge' kept us going.

Urge to share stories.
Stories of passion.
Stories of empathy.
Stories of less-traveled paths.
Stories of ridicules & failures.

Our stories are here
to poke you,
to make you restless
to question your
status quo

Our stories are here
to underrate the
stinking arrogance of success
and to break the sacred
traditions and norms.

We love to
design an 'experience'
through which
stories should be
heard, watched
and felt.

We love the smell of inspiration
when numerous ignited minds
burn together listening
to those stories.

It’s a sheer joy to watch
real faces with genuine smiles
and overwhelmed eyes.

We are not here to
change the world or
transform anyone's life.

We just wish our stories
to endorse someone's
passion, or
just give affirmation to
somebody's innate
goodness or
approve some
crazy idea
without the fear of
being ridiculed.

Let our stories
be the reason for
somebody's inspiration and
happiness, be the bridge
between curiosity and wisdom.

Let our stories transcend
to create some impact.

Some impact.
Some ripple
on the still water.

Because we believe
that many such ripples
will eventually
make a wave.

This voyage is
not easy.
Often tiring.
But fascinating sometimes.

Those tiny magical
moments make the
whole journey

with all possible
and precision
we care about
our journey.

We stumble.
We fail.

But we keep going
for that
one urge.

Urge to
share Stories !

- Navin Kale

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भन्नाट माणसांच्या अद्भुत विश्वात एकदा डोकावून तर पहा !

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